Letter from Bowie

We must make the future of our schools in Arlington a number one priority.

Helping our district achieve the quality education that our community expects and deserves is my number one focus. The quality of the schools affects everyone in Arlington whether you are an employee of the AISD, a business owner, a homeowner, a retiree, a parent, or a student. As a student who attended and graduated from Arlington schools, grades K-12, the education I obtained was critical to my success. I have dedicated myself to leading and working with others to continue to provide an outstanding education for every student of the Arlington school district.

The fact that my wife and I have decided to raise our family in Arlington gives me a reason to work even harder towards ensuring the future of the schools. I have a vested interest in making sure the schools are producing quality students. I am not just interested in the next few years, but when my daughters graduate from our high schools in 2032 and 2034, I want to be sure they also have received the best education possible. Attracting and keeping young families in Arlington depends on the quality of our schools and being part of this demographic helps me bring fresh, new ideas to our district.

Being a very driven and focused man who is dedicated to working with all citizens of Arlington, I have made myself available to all groups within Arlington and will continue to welcome your input. I welcome all comments and questions you may have regarding your concerns in our community as we strive together to make our children's education a community-based effort.

In schools it is proven you must have high expectations in order to achieve high results. I expect nothing but the best of our students and staff and hope you expect the same. Today I ask you to take the next step in helping us raise our expectations by making sure you take an active interest in our schools. Vote in the May 2, 2020, AISD School Board Election. I need your support and I look forward to our working together to achieve quality education in Arlington. Together, let's make the future of Arlington schools a number one priority.

Thanks and please Vote to Re-Elect Bowie Hogg for AISD Board of Trustees - Place 6,

Bowie J. Hogg
Re-Elect for AISD School Board - Place 6